Fight with Oli (and why you should care)

Fight with Oli (and why you should care)

There is a good chance that if you are reading this or came to the website that you have no idea who Oliver is. You know that tragedy and accidents and unexpected events happen every second to anyone in every walk of life. To the best people. To the best mothers, fathers, friends, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers. To the best humans.

We see stories every single day. Social media has us so connected which, let's be honest, can be a beautiful thing but also leaves us desensitized to human experiences. If we let it, it can end up being a crazy place where we are trying to decipher truth from fiction. We are bombarded with it so incessantly that, nothing seems to shock us as much (as it used to).

We read about a tragedy and even though we might feel for the people involved, we have this inner sigh of relief and are easily emotionally removed from it because it is not happening to us. 

That beautiful squishy face is Oliver (with his sister, Vera). I have never met Oliver. How I am connected to this story is I grew up across the street from Oliver's mother, Janelle. There was a time I would play barbies with Janelle, dance in her house to TRL (IYKYK) after school and jump on her trampoline. We did not remain super close through High School, we were neighbors and yes, friends, I would say but not where we were super close. We follow each other (and her two sisters, Lauren and Kailyn) on social media so, as you know, you feel like you know a tiny part of their lives and we would exchange the occasion DM on Instagram. 

When I found out what happened to Oliver, I was crushed. Every time I thought about it, I got so emotional. I think growing up with Janelle and knowing her family, even though I had not spoken to them IN YEARS, I just put myself in their shoes. Being a mother myself, I know this was a factor. My children are very close in age to Janelle's.

One time I was chatting with Lauren, over Instagram of course, about Oli and Lauren said something like "Jen, we haven't even spoke to you in years, I can't believe how much you are reaching out and wanting to help". And all I could think of was "well, it is because I AM Janelle. This could have so easily happened to anyone. This COULD be me" ...what would I want? what would I need?"

It has not been a huge amount of time on my end to show concern and ask questions and just show support by sharing a post or donating or saying a prayer or sending words of encouragement. I have not compromised time with my family by making this necklace & bracelet as the TINY way I can help Oli and his family.

I think we never know how to react and say to someone faced with such tragedy. I remember after finding out what happened from Lauren, being hesitant to reach out to Janelle. I mean, it is so much...what do you say? You feel as if this person is going through so much that you are "bothering" them by sending a message....but then I thought to myself "what if EVERYONE thought that way?" and no one was reaching out to her? How lonely. Tragedy upon tragedy. SO, this is what I encourage you..

Take a minute and ask yourself what would YOU need. WE are Janelle. Take a minute and support Oli, Janelle, Ante and Vera (and extended family). Say a prayer, click on this GO FUND ME to donate, purchase a FIGHT with OLI necklace or bracelet.


Proceeds of the jewelry go towards Oli and his family. The jewelry is also very intentional. It is a tangible piece with the spirit of Oli. This necklace and bracelet represents the bright light that Oli is and a reminder that life is so precious, that nothing is promised, to be grateful for the moment we are in and love the ones around us a little harder.

It only takes a second to show love, support and make a difference in someone's life and ask ourselves "What if this were me?" 




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Thank you for your words, your thoughts, your actions. I have tears in my eyes from the love I can feel you put into this. It helps lift me up and feel not so alone (although I’m not). These kinds of words help me so much. I can’t even really explain how much I appreciate everything you’ve said and are doing for Oli and our family. Hopefully we can have a play date with our kids one day in the future ❤️


I am friends with Janelle’s father and I check in with him regularly and pray for Oli daily. This is such a beautiful post. I shed a few tears. I’m a mama of 6 including a daughter I adopted at birth that was heroin addicted. I’m a multiple rape trauma survivor, nearly died in 2015 and have a son that was extremely sick and diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Every 8 weeks he gets an IV infusion and when I’m in the children’s hospital, I think of how blessed I am that it’s “just” Crohn’s and nothing worse. My heart hurts for anyone terminally ill, experienced a horrible accident, etc. I hope your post reaches so many people. Thank you for your words!

Danielle Angel

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