Hey there!

So glad you are here!  I am Jennifer Thyrion, the creator of Goldie Links! I grew up in Michigan. I have always been a creative - an outside-of-the-box thinker and would rather work with my hands than do anything else. 

This led to attending massage therapy school and a move to Las Vegas. For the following 9 years, I worked as a massage therapist within a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. In Vegas is where I met my now-husband Jordan and found my love for jewelry design. 

I attended classes for jewelry making within my first year of living in Las Vegas and fell in love. In the 9 years I lived in Las Vegas, I made jewelry for friends and periodically sold my creations on Etsy. But by the end of my Vegas stay, I was getting restless with massage therapy and I knew I wanted a more creative life with more freedom and fun…


connection never goes out of style

After 9 years, we said “goodbye” to Vegas, and “hello!” to Denver, Colorado …maybe it was the mountain air or the desire for something more that became too loud to ignore…the stars aligned. I teamed up with a friend to open a small boutique space within 6 months of our move. I went in knowing zero about business and originally, opened the boutique space solely to sell my handmade jewelry. Well, the friend bowed out after a few months, but I already caught the entrepreneur bug so I was there to stay. I learned everything I could on my own about the boutique business and my lil shop grew to four locations in the next 4 years. 

I learned A TON those first few years. Not only about business and marketing but what I wanted this business to FEEL like. I had my first daughter, Harper, in 2018 and second daughter, Goldie, in 2020. The boutique hustle lost it's luster and I craved something more. I proceeded to downsize down to my original location by the middle of 2020. 

The next two years- it was a journey of self discovery. I dove into creating again. I dove into various modalities of creating -  resin, dried florals, clay and more. What I knew for sure- I longed for community, creativity and more freedom in my life….time with my family. 

This led to creating Goldie Links at the end of 2022. 

Goldie Links combines all my desires and the desires I have heard from my customer-friends over the years. Not only that but, an amazing business opportunity that I truly feel will change lives. 

I hope you love this purposeful, joyful jewelry just as much as we love creating it for you! 

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