Be a Goldie Girl!

We are so eager and excited to build the Goldie Links Team!

FIRST!! If you have have not already, go listen to EPISODE 1 + 2 of the Goldie Links Podcast (available on Apple, Spotify and YouTube) Episode 1 gives you an introduction to me - what my past is in business and why I created Goldie Links. Episode 2 I tell you 3 things that I believe are necessary in order to have a successful permanent jewelry business! If you feel it is a good fit and you are feeling' good vibes, then go ahead and fill out the application and I will be in touch in the next 7 days!

We are accepting applications from women that love jewelry, uplifting friendships, having fun and the desire to grow a business with the sky being the limit. If this sounds like you, the Goldie gal life might be for you!

Please fill out the Inquiry form below and we will be in touch in the next 7 days