When will my order ship?

All jewelry is made to order. Please allow one week for your piece to be made by our mama makers! We aim to ship your order ASAP! We are just as excited as you are to get it in your hands!


Will my jewelry tarnish?

All our designs are made with 14k gold fill or sterling silver. (IF IT IS NOT IT WILL BE CLEARLY STATED IN THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION!) 14k gold fill has a thick layer of solid 14k bonded to a base metal. It will last for YEARS AND YEARS! It is the next best thing to solid gold. You can wear it in the shower, working out etc, with no worries of tarnishing. 

Sterling Silver is slightly different but still long lasting. Sterling Silver WILL oxidize when not worn on your skin. Having said that, it is unlike a plated metal that wears away. Sterling Silver can be polished back to look shiny and new! Dawn Dish Soap is a great hack to polish sterling silver back to new OR create a paste with baking soda and water and use a toothbrush to scrub clean. When not wearing your Sterling Silver piece, it is best to store in an air-tight container or a sealed bag to keep it from oxidizing

How do I know what size of bracelet to order?

Please check our product description to get all the info on how to measure your wrist. Our suggestion is to use a flexible tape measure. We advise ordering about 1/4-1/2” larger than your wrist measurement. YOU KNOW BEST! How do you like to wear your bracelets? Do you want a lot of movement? If you are ordering more than one bracelet and creating a stack- different lengths can be fun and look amazing! If you are still questioning what size to order, visit our shop inside The Barn or a pop up by Jen (IG @GoldieLinksJewelry) to try on bracelets and decide what is right for you! 

What is my bracelet breaks or stretches?

We will re-string the bracelet at no charge for both if it breaks or stretches. Just simply send it to us and we will get it back in your hands ASAP!


What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is an anklet, bracelet or necklace that is custom fit and the ends of the chains are welded together. There is no clasp, so it can not be traditionally removed. Rings and toe rings are available as well, although those two pieces can be removed by rolling off your finger/toe.

What is the metal of the chains?

We have 14k gold fill , 14k rose gold fill, sterling silver and solid 14k gold options. All are quality metals that will not tarnish. Sterling Silver does not tarnish when it is on your skin which makes it a great choice for permanent jewelry!

Does it hurt?

NO, NOT AT ALL! We protect your skin with a leather pad but the welding process is quick and painless!

How long do they last? Do they break?

They can last for YEARS AND YEARS! This is still fine, delicate jewelry. Depending on the chain you choose, if caught on something it CAN break. Having said that, we re-attach for no charge. If you are worried about your chain breaking, please be aware of that when choosing your chain. The thicker the chain, the more durable it will be.

What if I don’t want my jewelry piece permanent anymore?

No problem! We are happy to put a clasp on for you! Just contact us here on the website, or message your Goldie Girl. You can stop in at any pop-up or ship it to us and we can put a clasp on for you!

What if I have to take my permanent piece off for a medical procedure?

You can cut it off yourself by using wire cutters or use nail clippers. If you can find the ring we use to weld your bracelet, that is best to cut. But if you can’t find it - no worries! Just cut it anywhere. If you would like it to be put back on permanently just visit us at any pop up! If you want a clasp on, you can also visit us at a pop up or message your Goldie Girl to be able to ship to us!

How do I book a party?

Just message us here on the website or DM the Goldie Girl in your area! The requirements for a party is a 10 person minimum. That is 10 people intended to get permanent jewelry. If the party location is more than 30 minutes of travel, there might be a travel fee depending on your location and linker. We bring everything we need to simply set up on a table that you have OR we always bring our own table, if needed! We arrive 30 minutes early to get ready for all the linking fun! Upon scheduling your party, we provide a custom digital invite and price list to send out to your friends and family! PS- there are AMAZING discounts when hosting a party!

How do I get permanent jewelry?

Please check our pop up schedule! Most Goldie Girls also offer in-home appointments - currently in Castle Rock, CO Highlands Ranch, CO, Parker, CO, and Joplin, MO. We also take appointments inside our brick and mortar shop located in Castle Rock, CO (Inside The Barn - 400 3rd Street, Castle Rock 80104) To view the pop up schedule in your area and how to book an appointment - go here! 

How many options do you have to personalize my permanent jewelry!?

At Goldie Links, we LOVE variety! Depending on which Goldie Girl you visit, we have up to 60 different styles of chain including handmade mixed metal and gemstone chains! We have tons of symbols, initials, birthstones and other gemstones to personalize your piece and make it one-of-a-kind. We strive to create something so special for you which is why we are always evolving and offering handmade chains and charms to add to your meaningful links!


How does the charm bar work?

We have two options for the charm bar experience. You can shop the Charm Bar 7 days a week inside The Barn in downtown Castle Rock or Erickson & Co Mercantile in Galena, KS and Afton, Oklahoma.

We offer a larger, more extensive charm bar experience within our pop up events in The Barn in Castle Rock by @GoldieLinksJewelry that take place 3 days per month and select pop ups by @GoldieLinks_MO in the Joplin, MO and surrounding areas. Check our pop up schedule!

Can I book a Charm Bar party in my home or business?

YES! Again, there is a 10 person minimum for a charm bar party. We bring permanent jewelry as well. So It would be 10 people total that are planning to get permanent jewelry OR make a custom charm jewelry piece! Message us if you are interested! The in-home charm bar experience is currently being offered in the Denver, CO area and Joplin, MO area. (On Instagram the two Goldie Girls offering this are @GoldieLinksJewlery and @GoldieLinks_MO)


What is your return policy?

We do not accept any returns or exchanges on custom jewelry. This includes the hidden message collection or any custom engraved and/or birthstone jewelry pieces. We do not offer returns on non-customized jewelry but you are welcome to exchange!

What is your exchange policy?

We accept exchanges on BASIC beaded designs. If you receive it and decide you need a smaller or larger bracelet you are able to exchange. It has to be sent back within 10 days of receiving the jewelry piece in the condition it was made. You are responsible for the cost of shipping back the item to us but we do not charge to ship the new bracelet to you. Please message us to start the exchange process.

How do I receive my refund?

Since we do not offer straight returns, if your exchanged item is less than your original purchase, we will give you a code to use toward a future purchase. That will be issued as soon as the exchanged item is sent out and the code never expires.

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