015: Ashley Walker - A Journey of Energy, Connection, and Success in Real Estate & How You Can Scale Your Permanent Jewelry Biz

015: Ashley Walker - A Journey of Energy, Connection, and Success in Real Estate & How You Can Scale Your Permanent Jewelry Biz

Ashley Walker isn't just a top-tier real estate agent in Franklin, TN—she's a dynamic mom of two boys who proves that with the right energy and focus, you can completely transform your career. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley at a retreat, and let me tell you, her story is nothing short of inspiring and fun!

Ashley attended the retreat expecting to learn some new business strategies to scale her biz. But instead of just the typical business tips, she discovered something even more valuable: the importance of rejuvenating her mind and body. For Ashley, "energy is everything." Prioritizing her well-being became her secret weapon. This mindset shift was crucial, turning her spiritual journey into a thriving real estate business.

In the fast paced world of real estate, genuine connections are the secret sauce to success. Ashley immersed herself in the retreat’s positive vibes, leading to significant personal and business growth. By being open and authentic, she attracts clients who resonate with her energy and values

Post-retreat, Ashley zeroed in on Instagram, not just growing her business but also developing a digital product for fellow real estate agents. She whipped up a comprehensive course and launched it within weeks! This not only diversified her income but also positioned her as an industry expert.  By posting exclusively about homes in Franklin, she trained the algorithm to recognize her niche. And guess what? It worked!  Her online presence to skyrocket going from 1,500 to almost 45,000 in just over a year. Trusting her gut and honing in on her target audience were total game-changers. She trains the algorithm by consistently mentioning her city, using specific reels, and highlighting details in her captions and videos. Balancing reels to attract new eyes with static posts to engage followers.

Ashley’s journey teaches us that staying true to yourself, having supportive people in your corner, and persistently showing up are crucial for long-term success! Ashley Walker’s journey is a testament to the power of energy, focus, and authenticity in building a successful real estate career. So, what does your gut say? Are you ready to transform your permanent jewelry business?


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