014: From Connections to Expansion: Katsch Boutique owner, Amy DeFauw's Blueprint to Business Boom!

014: From Connections to Expansion: Katsch Boutique owner, Amy DeFauw's Blueprint to Business Boom!

I met Amy at a business/personal growth retreat in March 2023. She is so warm, wise and fun! Just after a few minutes of chatting with her, I could totally envision her being a coach and leading women to greatness. She has this way about her that makes you feel comfortable and unstoppable. If you are considering opening a brick 'n mortar with your permanent jewelry, she is one to follow as she is opening up a whole new coaching side to her existing successful Katsch boutique. 

I know you will love her as much as I do! 

xo, Jen

Episode Summary: 

Step into the world of entrepreneurship with Amy DeFauw, the passionate owner of Katsch Boutique, as she shares her inspiring story from corporate life to boutique success! Amy’s journey from corporate confines to owning 3 bustling storefronts and a global e-commerce platform in nothing short of remarkable. And that’s not all - she’s about to launch her own coaching services adding another layer to her entrepreneurial empire!

Learn the secrets of when to scale your permanent jewelry business, pricing inventory, navigating challenges, and staying true to your “why” in this ever evolving world of retail, whether your a boutique owner yourself, or a permanent jewel artist, this episode is your ultimate guide to business growth and success!

Amy’s dedication to customer service and connection sets the tone for her boutique’s success, fueled by savvy social media strategies and email marketing campaigns. Discover the power of community over competition as Amy emphasizes the importance of supporting fellow entrepreneurs and creating meaningful relationships with customers. From scoring a permanent jewelry pop-up in a boutique to mastering the art of financial savvy, Amy’s insights are a goldmine for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Join us as we dive into the keys to financial success, the importance of self-investment through masterminds and retreats, and the journey of breaking free from comfort zones. Get ready to be inspired, empowered and equipped to turn your dreams into reality!

Coaching Instagram: @retailmaththerapy 

Instagram: @Shop.Katsch 

Katsch Boutique 

Amy's Bio: 

Meet Amy DeFauw, the owner of Katsch Boutique. With 3 bustling storefronts and a thriving online presence in Illinois and Iowa, Amy is in tune with the style of the casual Midwestern woman. While her corporate retail background laid the foundation, Amy attributes the bulk of her retail wisdom to her 9-year journey through the school of hard knocks—aka small business ownership.

Amy's mission extends beyond fashion; it's about crafting a career that not only sustains her family but also grants them the freedom to thrive. Her dedication is evident in every curated piece at Katsch Boutique, where she seeks to inspire and instill confidence in the hearts of the customers she serves.

Driven by a genuine desire to uplift others, Amy extends her passion beyond fashion, actively supporting and mentoring fellow women entrepreneurs in the challenging realm of small business. Her commitment to fostering success echoes in both her business strategies and her unwavering encouragement, creating a community where empowerment is as stylish as the latest fashion trends.




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