013: From Google To Growth: Angelique's Journey with Peach Lane Permanent Jewelry

013: From Google To Growth: Angelique's Journey with Peach Lane Permanent Jewelry

It was so fun to sit down in person with Angelique. She is a fellow Colorado permanent jeweler with Peach Lane Permanent Jewelry.  She is a wealth of knowledge on how to get your business seen on Google! I think MOST people go right to social media when marketing your business. Angelique is a prime example that you can market your business in other ways, whatever feels right to you. She is a true professional with permanent jewelry and went from a career that had nothing to do with jewelry or entrepreneurship and has used Google to grow a successful permanent jewelry business!

Do not miss her class at PJX in Vegas this June 2024 as she teaches on getting your business seen on Google and what to consider when you are ready to add to your permanent jewelry team! 


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Episode Summary: 

Join us for an inspiring episode as we chat with Angelique the owner of Peach Lane Permanent Jewelry as we talk about her remarkable journey from ground zero to success using the power of google. With minimal social media presence, Angelique shares how she navigated the challenges of growing her permanent jewelry business driven by her love of meaningful moments and bonding experiences that permanent jewelry creates.

Despite facing setbacks from numerous boutiques for permanent jewelry pop ups, Angelique persisted and soon opened a cozy nook inside of a bustling co-working space. Now, teaching at PJX again this year, she imparts invaluable lessons on leveraging Google to attract customers and hiring your first employees. We chat about the secrets to optimize your google profile for maximum visibility, from updating your photos, to SEO tactics and simplifying processes to charm and captivate your audience.

So whether you are just starting our or a seasoned business owner, tune in to learn how to harness the power of Google to take your permanent jewelry business to new heights!

Angelique Fernlund

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Angelique Fernlund is the owner of Peach Lane. She has spent decades working in payroll and has a master’s degree in Human Resources management. In fall of 2022, Angelique fell in love with Permanent Jewelry. This business of connecting people through the permanent jewelry experience is right where she belongs. From employee to entrepreneur, she understands figuring out how to run and grow a small business isn’t always easy and shares her own knowledge and experience to help others.




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