002:  Is Permanent Jewelry Right For You?

002: Is Permanent Jewelry Right For You?

I get a lot of inquiries about being a permanent jeweler. So, whether you want to start your own permanent jewelry business or have a Goldie Links Permanent Jewelry business, I wanted to share these 3 things that, I believe, are necessary in having a successful permanent jewelry business! 

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Episode Summary

In todays episode, we are diving into what I personally think are the 3 questions anyone looking to start a permanent jewelry biz should be asking themselves.

 Let's unravel the misconception that you must be obsessed with permanent jewelry to succeed and to start a permanent jewelry business.

 Then, we are moving beyond the bling to explore the magic behind what it means to form a genuine connection with your clients. Its not just about making them look incredible, but making them feel incredible too!

 And lastly, time. Whether you are starting out your permanent jewelry business as a side hustle, or a full time gig, we’ve got the scoop on everything you need to know regarding time management! All things from building your support system to mastering the art of social media.

 Join us as we uncover the beauty, the connection, and the time strategies essential for thriving in the PJ world to uncover if permanent jewelry is the right fit for you!


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