003: Going all in!- The Journey of a Goldie Girl

003: Going all in!- The Journey of a Goldie Girl

Ashleigh!! Where do I start? As you will hear in this episode, we met when we were both living in Las Vegas and worked together at a Spa. I moved to Colorado and then years later she moved to Missouri but we have kept in touch. When I expressed to her I wanted to start a permanent jewelry business and set it up like a franchise so that I could support other women in having their own successful business, she jumped right in. Just a few short weeks later,  I was flying to Missouri to train her before I really even knew was I was doing yet. LOL. We dove in and here we are 16 months later with so many lessons, evolutions and successes that we have experienced in creating this amazing business!

Ashleigh is so smart, loving and you just want to be her best friend. She is so authenticate and honest. We actually recorded this episode months ago so as I type this in February 2024, she has quit her 9-5 job and taken on other roles behind Goldie Links. Goldie Links is her full time passion in a few different ways and I can't wait to follow up with her in a future episode to see where this new role leads her. Stay tuned!

I love this girl and you will too!

xo, Jen

Episode's Summary

In this podcast episode, you’ll get to hear from Ashleigh, the first Goldie girl, as she shares her exciting insights and experiences in the permanent jewelry industry. As a seasoned Goldie Girl (franchise owner of Goldie Links) for over a year, she reflects on her growth and learning journey, attributing much of her success to the invaluable guidance and mentorship provided by Goldie Links. Ashleigh never thought she would have had the courage to embark on this permanent jewelry journey alone, but with the support of Goldie Links, she found the confidence to take that exciting first step. She emphasizes the delightful correlation between time, effort, and success, highlighting the importance of confidence and taking that exciting first step. She has made wonderful connections through Goldie Links, which have opened doors for her, including her venture into starting her own boutique, and diving into the world of SEO. Ashleigh’s story as a Goldie Girl serves as an inspiring testament to the power of dedication, mentorship, confidence, and networking in achieving success in the permanent jewelry community.


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