012: Cultivating a Customer Obsession: The Art of Building an Irresistible Brand with Kerrie Fitzgerald

012: Cultivating a Customer Obsession: The Art of Building an Irresistible Brand with Kerrie Fitzgerald

I found Kerrie's podcast a few years ago and was hooked. Her knowledge, down-to-earth, no-nonsense style drew me in. I enrolled in a few of her courses, read her book and they have all helped elevate my business. As I express in this podcast chat, it was difficult for me to find specific business help for my boutique/product business. Having niched down business guidance was KEY to turning my business around. Kerrie's knowledge in creating a cult-like brand is necessary to create a lasting, sustainable business. I would like to think we are friends now since I have left numerous long-winded voice memos for her- LOL. 

You don't want to miss this episode!

xo, jen

Episode Summary: 

Get ready to uncover the secrets of building a cult-like following in today’s episode featuring the one and only Kerrie Fitzgerald!

Join us as we explore that art of creating irresistible products and unbreakable customer loyalty that will have your audience hooked!

From the moment of igniting that initial spark of excitement to sealing the deal and beyond, Kerrie shares tips on crafting experiences that keep your customers obsessed with your brand.  Discover the keys to creating deep connections, delivering exceptional customer service, and nurturing an unbreakable bond that keeps them coming back time and time again.

Kerrie shares a whole arsenal of tricks waiting to be unleashed! From product packaging, email automation, loyalty programs, and social media tips that will keep your customers engaged. Plus, get ready to unleash the power of storytelling to infuse your brand with purpose and meaning that goes far beyond the products themselves as well as the importance of having a strong online presence through websites, blogs, and newsletter to attract and retain customers.

So whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, tune in to uncover the secrets of creating a cult-like brand that leaves a lasting impression!

 Kerrie's Bio: 

Kerrie Fitzgerald is the founder of Kerrie Fitzgerald LLC, an ecommerce and product business consulting and educational agency. She also hosts the marketing podcast 'The 6 Figure Product Business Podcast' and is the author of book 'Customer Obsession.'"

As a digital marketing expert, Kerrie helps e-commerce businesses create “wildly in demand” brands that their customers are obsessed with. Her unique framework stems in organic marketing that brings in consistent sales and traffic without focusing a dime on ads.

After starting her first high-end pet e-commerce business, The Dapper Dog Box in 2016, she grew the business to multi 6 figures of revenue in two years without funding, staff or support and successfully sold the business in 2019. 

She is a proud boy & dog mom, hot sauce and coffee lover and is an east coast transplant living in Seattle.


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Kerrie's Book - "Customer Obsession

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