011: Capturing Moments to Creating Connections: Michelle’s Permanent Jewelry Journey with Bonded.

011: Capturing Moments to Creating Connections: Michelle’s Permanent Jewelry Journey with Bonded.

This is our 2nd episode with Michelle, this time talking about all things permanent jewelry. I loved hearing her story of how she decided to jump into permanent jewelry, why she chose the franchise route, how she feels about competition in this industry and what she feels is the most important thing to focus on when starting a permanent jewelry business. It actually made me re-think my decision to manage my social media. Those are the things, I believe, that elevate your business from being a "hobby" to a legit business. 

You are gonna love her all over again!

xo, Jen

Episode Summary:

Join us in today's episode as we chat with Michelle with Bonded permanent jewelry behind the lens of photography to the world of permanent jewelry. With a background in photography spanning 12 years, Michelle initially found her passion through capturing moments until a serendipitous opportunity let to a new path in the permanent jewelry industry.

Driven by her passion for creating lasting connections, Michelle made the decision to fully immerse herself in the world of ferment jewelry with Bonded. Embracing their franchise model allowing her to focus on delivering exceptional client experiences while ensuring the highest quality products.

From her in a home studio to pop up events, Michelle jumped into the world of permanent jewelry, offering freebies and discounts to test the waters before before diving all in. Fast forward to today and Bonded Charlotte is rocking a brick and mortar spot complete with retail goodies and a cozy little bookshop. With her team of four and a commitment to making every client feel special, Bonded proves that competition is overrated. Its all about creating an unforgettable experience that keeps them coming back for more!

Michelle serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, preserving, and savvy marketing. Tune in to discover valuable insights on scaling your business, harnessing the power of social media, and daring to step out of your comfort zone to achieve greatness!


Instagram: @bonded.charlotte 





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