009- Empowering Entrepreneurs- Laying a strong foundation & gaining clarity is key for success with Michelle from Bonded Permanent Jewelry.

009- Empowering Entrepreneurs- Laying a strong foundation & gaining clarity is key for success with Michelle from Bonded Permanent Jewelry.

I was introduced to Michelle from a friend who attended a retreat with Michelle. Once I knew she was not only a permanent jeweler but also about to embark on her coaching passion, I KNEW I had to chat with her. Just reading what is in her Instagram bio "Get grounded in self reconnection without relying on your partner to complete you" ...I was like all the Hallelujah praise hand emojis. 

Entrepreneurship is quite a journey and it challenges not only your self-worth but the relationships around you. Mindset is everything and the support around you is everything. Especially when you are building your business or evolving in your business, you are going to be challenged. Period. Knowing yourself, having the right support and having razor sharp clarity is so important to get to where you want to go in your life and business. I love this conversation and stay tuned for our second episode where we chat about all things permanent jewelry as well! 

xo, Jen

Episode Summary

Join us for an inspiring chat with Michael Alyse Taylor from Bonded Permanent Jewelry as she takes a leap into coaching! A serial entrepreneur, Michelle shares her journey from capturing moments through the lens of photography to crafting timeless pieces of permanent jewelry, Michelle has now set her sights on empowering women in relationships to discover their inner strength and wholeness.

In this episode, get ready to be inspired as Michelle shares her journey through entrepreneurship. From embracing self-be lift to delving deep into the why of her business, she reveals how personal growth and introspection have been the cornerstones of her success. Through her coaching, her focus is healing oneself first, and the entrepreneurship in more than just making money, what kind of mark do you want to leave in this world, and finding your why. Discover how mindset an not only transform connections within the permanent jewelry industry, but can also ship the way entrepreneurs show up for their clients.

Tune in to part one of this enlightening conversation!



Hey there, I'm Michelle Taylor, a coach on a mission to help women in struggling relationships get grounded in self-reconnection. Born in Utah, I've been on the move across the western states, settling in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2021.

Last year, I fulfilled a long-held dream by diving into coaching school, officially becoming a Life Coach. Alongside this, I'm the proud owner of Bonded Charlotte, a thriving permanent jewelry franchise of Bonded that has grown into a multiple 6-figure business since 2022.

Photography has been a significant part of my journey, with 12 years of capturing moments and owning a photography business for 9 years across 4 states. My personal life took a major twist about 2.5 years ago, expediting my  journey of self-discovery and growth individually and within my marriage.

Almost 13 years into marriage, my husband Austin and I have embraced a path of self-growth, working on ourselves and our relationship after almost divorcing last year. We're striving for a connection that comes from two whole individuals creating a stronger, happier relationship. Our family includes two amazing kids and three lovable pups.

Join me as we navigate the twists and turns of self-reconnection. Let's build a foundation for a more grounded and fulfilling life together


Instagram: @bonded.charlotte (Permanent Jewelry) & @michellealysetaylor (Coaching)





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