008: From Sparkles to Signs: Crafting Custom Solutions for Permanent Jewelry with Amelia from Timber and Tide

008: From Sparkles to Signs: Crafting Custom Solutions for Permanent Jewelry with Amelia from Timber and Tide

IF you need signage or a display for your permanent jewelry business, look no further...Timber and Tide is your one-stop-shop to make your brand stand out. I found her on Etsy ..and since then, I have had a few custom displays made and I get compliments on them ALL THE TIME! ...

You will hear in our conversation that I had a vision for charm/connector display and she has since put that vision to life and I LOVE IT!! 

Smart Business is all about fulfilling a need and she for sure does that with her handcrafted designs...

Hope you enjoy this chat!

xo, Jen

 This Episode's Summary-

In today's episode we are talking with Amelia from Timber and Tide as she shares her journey of creativity and entrepreneurship. From crafting custom signs displays to balancing motherhood, Amelia opens up about her diverse ventures.

Amelia’s journey took a turn in the swing of 2023 when she decided to venture in to the permanent jewelry world. While her initial brick-and-mortar store didn’t bring on expected results, Amelia learned valuable lessons along the way which helped lead her to where she is today! Combining her two passions, design and permanent jewelry, she found her niche within timber and tide with her rapid growth and success. By honing in on her customization and branding, she creates displays that truly stand out!

We dive into the significance of branding, signage and merchandising the the permanent jewelry industry and how attention to detail and a genuine passion can elevate your brand and set you apart!

Amelia will be an official sponsor at PJX where you can view some of her displays and place orders! Tune in for valuable tips on creating standout designs and maximizing your business’s potential in the permanent jewelry market!


Social Media: @timberandtidedesigns



Charm/Connector Display that Amelia made for me after this interview!

Another Charm/Connector Display that we refer to on the show! 

PJX tickets 


Amelia was raised in Maine and still resides there today. With a Bachelor’s Degree in web/graphic design, she worked as a freelance designer while also practicing real estate. In 2020, she had her first child, a son named Teegan, and decided to cut down on work to be a stay-at-home mom. At the end of 2022, she bought a laser machine and started Timber & Tide Designs as a creative outlet. She then picked up permanent jewelry in early 2023. She knew she wanted to do more with her laser business and saw a need for custom signage and jewelry displays that no one else seemed to be offering, thus deciding to do it herself. By Summer of 2023, she was primarily focused on creating those items and more for other permanent jewelry artists.




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