007 - From Goldie Girl to Go-Getter - Madison’s journey to success

007 - From Goldie Girl to Go-Getter - Madison’s journey to success

I met Madison at a permanent jewelry party that her friend hosted ..one thing led to another and she joined Goldie Links!  She is MEANT FOR GREATNESS. As I write this, about one month after we sat down and chatted, she has been busier than EVER and had her best profit weekend yet! This girl is double booking her Saturdays with two parties, taking in-home appointments consistently and offering the best customer service. I couldn't be more excited about having her a part of Goldie Links. As she is going through a personal life transition, she is changing her life in the most amazing way for herself and her family. I know we can ALL learn so much from her....I know I have! 

I know you will get some valuable takeaways from today's chat with some marketing ideas, mindset shifts and just plain- FEEL INSPIRED!

xo, Jen

Episode Summary-

In this todays episode, Madison takes us on her exhilarating journey as a Goldie Girl (franchise owner of Goldie Links), delving into the world of permanent jewelry and its boundless creative potential. Over just six weeks, she has fearlessly pursued new ideas, embraced personal growth, and forged meaningful connections. Join us as we dive into Madison’s money-driven mindset and how it shapes her decisions, especially in providing for her family. With an unwavering determination to overcome fear of failure, Madison’s go-getter spirit knows no bounds as she sets her sights on achieving a remarkable $120K year. Like what?!? By anchoring her pursuits in the “why” behind her venture, Madison has triumphed over obstacles and is poised for limitless success. Tune in to discover her savvy marketing strategies and unstoppable attitude, including leveraging social media platforms like Marketplace and engaging with local mom groups.


Instagram: @goldlielinks_co


Madison's Bio: 

Madison is a Colorado native and mom to two boys, Crew (3.5) and Bodie (10.5 months). She has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and really enjoys doing jewelry alongside her houseplant business, Sunny & Co! She just started her Goldie Links biz a few months ago, but jumped right in and has been loving every second of it! 




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